I have been a Microsoft user for as long as I can remember; I even beta tested the precursor to Office 365. I will admit that at that time I was skeptical. Over ten years later, Microsoft has embraced small business owners needs. They now deliver a great Software as a service solution! Here are the top 3 reasons that I love Office 365 and recommend it!
  1. I Love a Deal! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to buy something and feel like they got their money’s worth? I use the Office 365 Pro Plus plan which costs $12.50 a month. I get a hosted email address, the full suite of Microsoft Office desktop applications, and 1 TB of One Drive Storage! These things alone are worth the price! In addition to these tools, there is a whole suite of other apps designed for Small Business!
  2. It’s Everywhere! Office 365 makes it super simple for me to manage my business and life on the go. It doesn’t matter if I am on my Surface Pro 4, a Mac, Kindle, or iPhone, I have access to my email and all my data. Microsoft has improved its compatibility by creating Apps for Android, and IOS. Years ago, you were either a Mac or a PC. Microsoft has improved the Office 365 Suite so you can collaborate no matter what platform you use!
  3. It Integrates! Over my IT career, I have spent a lot of time using SharePoint and SharePoint Workflows to create efficient business processes. Office 365 includes an app called Flow. Flow goes beyond the capabilities of SharePoint alone, and allows you to integrate with hundreds of apps! Flow provides over 200 connectors that allow you to connect Microsoft and non-Microsoft online apps. There are connectors for Gmail, Google Drive, RSS, DropBox, and all the major social media platforms. Sharing information with your team and clients has never been easier!
Microsoft Office 365 is one tool that will always be in my online tech toolbox. It’s is cost effective, allows me to access data on the go, and integrates with lots of other tools!

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