Technology coaching can take you from not knowing where to start,  to having an automated process that streamlines your business.

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What is Technology Coaching? 

Technology Coaching is not just consulting.  In a consulting engagement, typically there is work that is done for you.

Technology coaching is different because you are in the driver seat.  The coach will work with you to help you solve technology challenges. Technology coaching will provide you the guidance and support you need to make technology work for you.


Is Technology Coaching Right For You? 

Technology coaching isn’t for everyone. Some individuals, don’t want to deal with technology at all!  Technology coaching is not a good fit for these individuals, don’t worry we offer full service consulting too!


Designed For Individuals:

  • Willing to learn

  • Knows technology can help but need help with tool selection.

  • DIY ers  that like doing as much as possible on their own

  • Great for Doers with smaller budgets.




Technology  Challenges? 

Not quite sure what your business needs?


Problems tracking work?

Need a better way to Market?

Technology Consulting/Mentoring

can help you take control of

your business and effectively use technology!

Web Site Design

Social and Content Marketing

Business Solutions

Network with people like you who are finding online business solutions!

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