As a SharePoint Consultant, I often explain to stakeholders the differences between the site templates in SharePoint as well as the benefits of the Modern experience over the Classic experience.

Last week I attended the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas and Microsoft announced some new features that really exciting, but will also require some explanation.   This post will give a good overview of the types of sites and introduce the new Home Site feature announced  at the conference.

Team Sites

Team Sites are the default layout for any new site that will be used for collaboration within a team.  It includes News, Quick links, document library web parts, and is customizable to the team’s individual needs. These have been the foundation of SharePoint and the modern team site is just an evolution of all the previous team site templates.

Hub Sites

Hub Sites are a newer feature in Modern SharePoint.  A Hub Site is actually a role that site holds, not a site template.   A Hub site role can be assigned to a Team Site or to Communication Site.  The Hub Site Role, allows for the navigation and theme of Hub site to be pushed out to all the sites that are associated to that Hub site.  Hub sites are a great way to help enforce Standardized navigation and branding!

Communication Sites

Communication Sites are designed to communicate information and are more centered around a modern design and the communication of content versus collaboration like the team site.   One of the most recognizable features of the Communication site is the Hero web part.  The Hero web part easily allows not technical users to update the site easily and keep fresh engaging content on the home page.

Home Site

One of the new features discussed at the SharePoint Conference in Vegas was the addition of the Home Site.  The Home Site is designed to be the landing spot for your organization’s digital work. They are designed to bring together news, events, content, and create an engaging landing page for your organization.  The Home site will automatically have the search scope set to the tenant as a whole, will automatically be connected to the SharePoint Start page, and will have one click access from the SharePoint app.

These things will make it easier than ever before for administrators to push their users to a centralized portal.  Any Communication site will have the ability to be promoted to a Home Site.   Another great thing is a Home Site can also be a Hub site, which will ease in navigation management. Initially the Home site will have to be set using a Powershell command, but will eventually make its way into the SharePoint Admin UI.   Microsoft is targeting a Q3 release, so start watching your email updates to find out when Home Sites are available in your Tenant!

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