What is Marketing Automation? And why you need it!

Do you ever wish you were like Harry Potter and had a magic wand that could command the marketing your business?   We all have those days when you are meeting with potential clients, following up with customers, and getting new blog posts up.  It seems like you will never be able to get it done and it is stressful!

Luckily, a solution can help.   It is not a silver bullet but it can make our marketing process more streamlined and feel less robot-like.

What is it?   Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation refers to technology tools that are designed to help businesses effectively market on multiple platforms and helps to automate repetitive activities. Marketing automation is not a magic wand, but it can help you be more efficient and more effective.

Email marketing is the most common marketing automation used today.  Some business, just email blast information and offers to every contact on their email list.  This isn’t marketing automation!  I like to call it “hope marketing”!  Sending an email blast to everyone on your list is not strategic and is most likely not going to be very effective.

What to do with your Marketing Automation?

DO integrate with your inbound website traffic.

Make sure that your website has content that is aligned with your customers’ needs and the product or service you provide.  When a visitor is on your site, offer them additional gated content in exchange for their email address.  You can then use marketing automation to deliver the additional content and continue to nurture the new contact into a paying customer.

Be Targeted and Segment your audience

One of the best things about marketing automation tools is that they can help you segment your audience.  This sounds fancy but all it really means is it allows you to tag a visitor based on the content they consume.   For example,   a visitor to my site might be interested in this article about marketing automation, but not about web design.   Marketing automation tools can help me provide this visitor with more communication about marketing automation and not email them information about web design.

Nurture your contacts

Things should not come to a screeching halt after a customer’s first visit.  You need to continue to nurture the contact and continue to provide value.  Don’t take this the wrong way, but you need to keep emailing them.   Don’t go overboard and start spamming their email daily.  This is a sure way to get people to unsubscribe.  The goal is to continue an open conversation with your contacts and grow a relationship where they come to know, like and trust you!


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