Beautiful Photos are one thing that when used appropriately can increase how long a visitor stays on your website.  A longer site visit means more content is consumed, more time for the visitor to get acquainted with your brand, and eventually make a purchase!

Using professional photos not only increases visitor time, but it also validates that your site is a credible resource and can make you look like a rock star!   These are the positives of using professional photos.  The downside is that sometimes great photographers can be expensive.  When you are starting out spending a lot of cash on photos isn’t in the business plan!  While it’s always great to use professional quality photos taken for or by you,  the reality is a solopreneur can’t always make that happen.

In today’s, web landscape we are extremely lucky to have lots of options to get professional photos under the creative commons licensing model. Most photographers copyright their work, photographers now have a public copyright license that enables the free distribution of an otherwise copyrighted piece of work.   Creative Commons photos are great for new business owners and bloggers!   Here is a round-up of my favorite sites to find creative commons photos!

  1. Pexels    Pexels has one of the most diverse photo collections on the web.  City photos, season photos, and almost any genre you can think of!   Photos can be searched by color.  My favorite thing about Pexels it integrates with my favorite photo editor, Youzign.  It is so easy to create graphics for social media when I can pull them in directly from the editor.
  2. Pixbay  Pixbay is similar to Pexels but I have found Pixbay to have more illustrations and vector graphics.  Like Pexels, it also integrates with Youzign.
  3. Canva   This last one is a little more than a photo resource, but its such a great photo resource for a startup, that I couldn’t leave it out!   Canva is a free online photo editor that has a huge selection of free photos.  If you are on a tight budget and don’t need ultra-specific photos, Canva is a one-stop shop resource!

These are what I consider the top three, free photo resources for those starting to create an online presence.  I could list at many more sites with great free photos!  The awesome about Creative Commons, is there are lots of professional quality photos available for use for free!

Have fun searching for the perfect photo for your post or site!




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